An Extremely Goofy Movie subtitles

An Extremely Goofy Movie Subtitles

It's a big time in Max's life. He's college bound with his friends and finally free of his embarrassing father as he strives to be a top contender for the X-Games. Unfortunately, Goofy loses his job and learns that he cannot get another job without a college degree. To his son's mortification, Goofy decides to join him in his campus to get that degree. Desperate to distract his father, Max talks him into joining the competing Gamma Fraternity team and introduces him to a wonderful librarian who shares his nostalgic love for 1970's pastimes. Unfortunately, things do not go according to plan as events put this father-son relationship to the test.

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Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family, Sport

Director: Douglas McCarthy

Actors: Bill Farmer, Jason Marsden, Jeff Bennett, Jim Cummings


Runtime: 79

Year: 2000

IMDb Rating:6.0 10 6241

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