Beauty Is Skin Deep subtitles

Beauty Is Skin Deep Subtitles

Who is stalking the students of Glenwood High School, and why? The small town of Glenwood is rocked by a strain of unsolved murders which include three of Glenwood High School's very own students. Glenwood Detectives John Brooks and Victoria Morales are working as fast as they can to hunt down the killer. Lily Jenkins and her group of friends have been named in the list of suspects when Ryan Murphy, Glenwood's All-star Running Back, is found dead in the park. The new arrival of Zane, a good looking boy from Indiana with a troubled past ends up as the number one suspect when the detectives hear about their altercation. Dillon McDowell, Ryan's best friend has a few secrets of his own to hide, as does his ex-girlfriend Sydney. It seems everyone has their own dark secret or hidden past. As the anxiety builds for everyone, Brooks and Morales slowly close in on the suspect. Lily and her friends focus on Graduation and the end of the year Spring Festival, which only leads to more tension as ...

2021-02-19 16:09:00

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Director: Joe Davison

Actors: Taylor Cynthia Halsey, Mercedes Gutierrez, Tiffany Amanda, Jessica Louise Lemon


Runtime: 82

Year: 2021

IMDb Rating:5.0 10 4054

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