Bitch Hug subtitles

Bitch Hug Subtitles

Kristin counts down the days to her high school graduation, when she'll finally get to leave her small town and her manipulative sister behind, for the New York of her dreams. Everything is perfect, and the local paper has promised to publish Kristin's columns about the city that never sleeps. But Kristin misses her flight and, to escape total humiliation, instead ends up hiding out at the house of the peculiar young girl Andrea, far out on the countryside. In this house of Nowhere, Kristin brings Andrea along to the pulsating heart of New York on a big virtual adventure which she chronicles for everyone at home to follow. But then reality comes knocking.

2021-01-05 00:00:00

Genre: Drama

Director: Andreas Öhman

Actors: Linda Molin, Fanny Ketter, Mathilda von Essen, Adam Lundgren


Runtime: 101

Year: 2012

IMDb Rating:6.0 10 5608

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