Godsend subtitles

Godsend Subtitles

When a man (Michael Ochotorena, "John Light," "Dispatched") wakes up under a bridge to discover he no longer knows who he is or how he got there, his life brutally unfolds as a homeless person. Enduring the scorn of random people, the elements, and coping with a terrible head injury, he finds hope in the unlikeliest of friends: a dog and a pastor (Greg Mason, "Midnight (2020)," "Dispatched"). Together, they explore kindness, compassion, and what it means to live--and to become a Godsend to others.

2021-02-11 03:15:44

Genre: Drama

Director: Gary Lee Vincent

Actors: Michael Ochotorena, Greg Mason, Kevin Winn, Kathy Patterson


Runtime: 90

Year: 2021

IMDb Rating:5 10 9339

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