Huo Yuanjia subtitles

Huo Yuanjia Subtitles

During Huo Yuan Jia’s first journey in the martial world, he was saved by Nong Jinsun from Qing soldiers’ hunting because of his help to others out of justice. In order to repay, Huo served Nong as a bodyguard, but was robbed by the desert beauty Anar. After the two men got out of trouble, they found that the foreign gun team and the Toyo Ninja attempted to take away a millenium treasure. Huo Yuan Jia, Nong Jinsun, and Anar joined their hands for adventure...

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Genre: Action

Director: Jianye Huang

Actors: Yongxuan Cui, Xu Tan, Qin Zhuang

Runtime: 95

Year: 2019

IMDb Rating:6.5 10 7965

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