Kevin & Perry Go Large subtitles

Kevin & Perry Go Large Subtitles

Kevin and Perry are two 15-year-old boys whose desperation to lose their virginity is so great that it inspires a sort of awe. In the rare moments when they're not thinking about girls, Kevin dreams of being a singer, and Perry has ambitions toward becoming a dance music DJ. When Kevin and Perry manage to stop a bank robbery, they're given a sizable cash reward, and they decide to go on a holiday in Ibiza, which is supposedly populated with thousands of beautiful women willing to sleep with anyone. However, after the boys pack plenty of sunscreen and condoms, Kevin's parents announce that they're tagging along. Undeterred, Kevin and Perry make the trip and meet superstar DJ Eyeball Paul , who may or may not listen to their demo tape. The boys also encounter Gemma and Candice, two scruffy teenage girls who are nearly as eager as Kevin and Perry to get horizontal.

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Genre: Comedy, Music

Director: Ed Bye

Actors: Harry Enfield, Kathy Burke, Rhys Ifans, Laura Fraser


Runtime: 82

Year: 2000

IMDb Rating:6.0 10 9158

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