Master of Maoshan subtitles

Master of Maoshan Subtitles

Mao Shan has always been famous for martial arts. Her brave, trained warriors are always on the side of justice, and their main opponents are the frequent Japanese pirates who raid. But those days are in the past. Now, in remembrance of past events, an annual tournament is held within the school walls, in which everyone can participate. Yun Ling is a simple boy who always helps his mother at the pub. He dreams of becoming a brave warrior, but the woman wants her son to live a simple, understandable life, with no room for risks. But Yun is still thinking about miracles, so he will come to the next tournament for a chance to fulfill his dream...

2021-10-21 09:42:37

Genre: Action

Director: Xiong Chen

Actors: Yang Ming, Yusi PengHuan Xu


Runtime: 78

Year: 2021

IMDb Rating:7.0 10 5633

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