Subconscious Cruelty subtitles

Subconscious Cruelty Subtitles

"Subconscious Cruelty" is divided in four segments: Ovarian Eyeball - a naked woman is sliced by a sharp blade and an eyeball is removed from her belly. Human Larvae - a deranged man that hates his sister that is pregnant kills her newborn offspring and she during the delivery. Rebirth - a group of naked people rolls around in mud and blood. Right Brain/Martyrdom - religious symbolism associated with gore and sex.

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Genre: Crime, Drama, Horror

Director: Karim Hussain

Actors: Sophie Lauzière, Anne-Marie Belley, Brea Asher, Ivaylo Founev


Runtime: 92

Year: 2000

IMDb Rating:5.0 10 2987

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