Two by Two: Overboard! subtitles

Two by Two: Overboard! Subtitles

Noah's ark drifts on the open seas, with best friends Finny and Leah on board. But, after weeks with no land in sight, food stocks are running low. The fragile peace between carnivores and herbivores could break any second. After a series of unfortunate events, the kids find themselves inadvertently washed overboard - along with the last of the food supplies. Leah and fellow castaway, their new friend Jelly, are marooned on a remote island. While Finny wakes in a strange colony filled with oddly familiar creatures living in harmony - under the threat of a menacing volcano. In a race against time, tide and terrifying tremors, Finny must rescue his friends, reunite with his family and save a whole colony from total destruction.

2021-02-08 04:22:16

Genre: Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family

Director: Toby Genkel, Sean McCormack

Actors: Max Carolan, Dermot Magennis, Ava Connolly, Tara Flynn


Runtime: 85

Year: 2020

IMDb Rating:6.0 10 4707

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